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Fletro Pro Responsive Blogger Template is a Fast loading, responsive and SEO friendly template with UI Dashboard interface. The Fletro Pro template can be used on any type of blog, as this template is the perfect template for all types of websites. The design of this template is very simple, due to which this template loads very quickly.

Fletro Pro Template Update now comes with version v6.1, apart from fixing some bugs present in the previous version, it also has a lot of changes and some new features have also been added.

Fletro Pro This version has been updated with lots of cool features of the template as compared to the old version, which is very easy to use. Almost all the features of this template are explained in detail, so that you can know by reading this post till the end.

New Features in Fletro v6.1 :-

Updated Post Style :-

The developer has Updated all the post styles in this updated version including adding some new styles which you can see on the demo page of this theme.

New Ad Slot Placement :-

New additional ad slots are also available in the latest version including in-feed ads (ads between list posts) and anchor ads that will only appear on mobile displays. Documentation of this template The official blog of the developer has all the guidelines to activate these ad slots.

Sponsored Special Posts :-

Sometimes there are many blogs that open advertising services as posts, or guest posts for fellow bloggers. To facilitat this, the developer has added a custom post view with a slightly different layout. All you have to do is add the 'Sponsored' label to the post to activate it.

Blogger Comment Popup :-

This feature was initially available only for iMagz Templates, but after a lot of requests, the developers added this feature to this fletro blogger template as well. If you don’t like this feature, you can easily disable it.

Discus Comments on Scroll :-

The difference with the already available Disqus comments is that these comments will be loaded automatically when the user scrolls down the page to the comments section (without needing to click the 'Show Comment' Button).

Fletro v6.1 Changelog :-

New Fresh Looks :-

Developers re-update all template code (including CSS code), so the most noticeable difference is in the template structure. In the case of looks, the developer changed some parts to make it easier.

Using CSS Variables for Color :-

Now in fletro v6.1 we use the CSS ariable :root {} to color all the elements. Now you don’t have to worry about changing the color of the template, especially for AMP users, by changing just one line of code, all the colors will be changed Automatically.

Easy to Change Navigation Links :-

In the latest version the developer has added a new widget as an option for those of you who have difficulty in editing the navigation menu in HTML template, this new widget can be edited directly through blogger layout. In which social media links can also be easily edited.

The drawback of this widget is that it can’t use dropdowns and the default icons are limited, but it’s good enough for those of you who want to focus more on blogging rather than busy yourself with editing templates.

Theme Designer Color Changing Supported :-

Almost all colors can be changed in the blogger theme designer, including the color of the address bar on mobile, you can even change it directly without editing the HTML template. We also differentiate colors based on elements like special colors for headers, footers etc.

Easy Share Buttons :-

Now in fletro v6.1 there is a share button at the top of the post and a button to enable pop-ups in the header, which looks pretty cool.

Lite Version Support Stopped :-

Since this version is not in demand by the users, the developer has decided to remove it from the product package, instead of updating it we provide the standard version for those who have purchased this version.

Some Bugs Fixed :-

There are several bug reports that the developer has received and fixed. Here I have mentioned some important improvements, which include :

  • Fixed Some Unchangeable Colors.
  • Fixed the comment icon that couldn’t be Clicked.
  • Fixed The Table of Content Script that only supports Latin Text.
  • Fixed date and author name is not able to hide through blogger layout.
  • Fixed misaligned date position in Grid Mode Display.
  • And Some Other Bugs Fixed.

Some Features of Fletro Pro :-

Features Checklist
Google Pagespeed Check Here
Google Testing Tools Check Here
Ads Optimized Yes
Lazy Image & Lazy Yotube Yes
Layout v3 dan Widget v2 Yes
Complete Widget Style Yes
Adaptive Header Yes
Switch Post Layout Yes
Multipost Layout Yes
Page Split Yes
Infinite Scroll Yes
Related Posts 5 Style Yes
Blogger Comment v2 Yes
Custom Error Page Yes
Back to Top Button Yes
And Much More…. Yes

Demo & Download :-

If you want to see the demo of this template, then you can see the demo of this template by clicking on the link given below. If you want to download this template, you cannot download this template for free, because there is no free version made by the developer. You can buy this theme by clicking on the download button now. We do not provide illegal download link of any template.

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Fletro v6.1 Blogger Template

Conclusion :-

In this post, I have explained almost all the features of Fletro Pro Blogger Template. I hope this post can be very useful for you. If you are visiting our website for the first time then you can bookmark our new domain and read new post updates. I have recently updated my official domain, now you will see all new posts on this domain. Thank you for visiting our website.

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