How To Create Disclaimer Page For Blogger and WordPress

Hello Everyone, on this occasion I will share How to Create Disclaimer Page For Blogger and WordPress. Disclaimer is a notification sentence for visitors that states that all damages caused by the following articles on this blog are the responsibility of each. In other words, if something untoward happens, then the author of that blog will not be responsible at all.

The Creating a disclaimer page on Blogger or WordPress is very important, because what happens one day, we will not be burdened by it. Furthermore, the disclaimer page is one of the requirements that must be fulfilled before registering for AdSense.

In fact, this page can be created using our own words and language, but if you don’t want to get tired, you can easily create it yourself using the disclaimer generator tool we have created.

Is Disclaimer Important to Blog ?

The Disclaimer pages are nothing new on Blogger or WordPress. Almost all the websites have put this page. This page is also included in the blog you are reading now. At first I didn’t really care about setting up a disclaimer page and never even thought of adding it to a static page.

I never knew about the function and purpose of setting up this page. While I read many articles about completeness of a professional website, I added a disclaimer page including Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Sitemap, Introduction, Contact. All these pages are equally important to make a website a classy website.

What is Disclaimer ?

According to Wikipedia a disclaimer is a statement or document intended to limit the scope of rights and obligations generally used and enforced by either party. Unlike other terms for legally applicable language, the term disclaimer usually refers to a situation that involves some degree of uncertainty, neglect, or risk.

The disclaimer may specify terms and conditions that are mutually agreed upon and individually regulated as part of the contract; or may prescribe a warning or requirement to perform a duty of care to prevent the risk of harm or undue injury to the general public (or any other class of people). Some disclaimers are intended to limit the risk of injury or damage following injury. In addition, certain types of disclaimer may represent a voluntary waiver of any rights or obligations that may result from the disclaimer.

How To Create Disclaimer Page For Blogger and WordPress :-

Step 1 :- First Open Disclaimer Generator Tool.
Step 2 :- Then Add Some Details.

Note :- Type Or Paste Your Website Details Like Website Name, Website Url And Your Business Email Id.

Step 3 :- After Click on Generate Button.
Step 4 :- And Then Click on Copy Button.
Step 5 :- Then Login Your Blogger or WordPress Account.
Step 6 :- Then Click on Page Menu.
Step 7 :- Then Create a New Page.

Note :- Add Your Page Title And Description According To You Need.

Step 8 :- Then Click on Html View.
Step 9 :- Then Paste The Copeid Code.
Step 10 :- Finally Publish Your Page And See The Result.

Conclusion :-

In this post I have explained How to Create Disclaimer Page For Blogger and WordPress. I Hope this tutorial can be useful for all. Thank You for Visiting Our Website.

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